Table IUnited States standard population and proportion distribution by age for age adjusting death rates

Age Population Proportion distribution (weights) Standard million
Under 1 year3,795,0000.01381813,818
1–4 years15,192,0000.05531755,317
5–14 years39,977,0000.145565145,565
15–24 years38,077,0000.138646138,646
25–34 years37,233,0000.135573135,573
35–44 years44,659,0000.162613162,613
45–54 years37,030,0000.134834134,834
55–64 years23,961,0000.08724787,247
65–74 years18,136,0000.06603766,037
75–84 years12,315,000*0.04484244,842
85 years and over4,259,0000.01550815,508

*Figure is rounded up instead of down to force total to 1.0.

SOURCE: Anderson RN, Rosenberg HM. Age Standardization of Death Rates: Implementation of the Year 2000 Standard. National vital statistics reports; vol 47 no 3. Hyattsville, Maryland: National Center for Health Statistics. 1998.

From: Appendix II - Definitions and Methods

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National Center for Health Statistics (US) .
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