Table 139E.1Site-modified, Pre-modified, Presurgical TNM Staging System for Rhabdomyosarcoma

StageSiteT StatusSizeNode StatusMetastasis
1FavorableT1 or T2a or bNO or N1 or NXMO
2UnfavorableT1 or T2aNO or NXMO
3UnfavorableT1 or T2aN1MO
3UnfavorableT1 or T2bNO or N1 or NXMO
4Favorable or UnfavorableT1 or T2a or bNO or N1M1

Favorable = Orbit/eyelid, head and neck (excluding parameningeal), genitourinary (excluding bladder, prostate); Unfavorable = bladder, prostate, extremity, parameningeal, other (includes trunk, retroperitoneal, biliary, pelvis); T1 = tumor confined to anatomic site of origin; T2 = extension and/or fixation of tumor to surrounding tissue; a = tumor size ≤ 5 cm in diameter; b = tumor size > 5 cm in diameter; NO = regional nodes not clinically involved; N1 = regional nodes clinically involved; NX = node status not known; MO = no distant metastasis; M1 = metastasis present.

From: Chapter 139E, Soft Tissue Sarcomas of Childhood

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