Table 26.3Dietary Fat and the Risk of Breast Cancer*

Total fat
Mean calorie-adjusted 56 (g/d)56611697278
Mean % of calories3236394144
Mulvivariate relative risk1.000.800.880.800.82
Saturated fat
Mean calorie-adjusted (g/d)1922242630
Mean % of calories1113141517
Multivariate relative risk1.000.800.910.770.84
Mean calorie-adjusted (mg/d)216268301337423
Multivariate relative risk1.

in a cohort of 89,538 American nurses aged 34 to 59 at the time of initial evaluation in 1980.443

During 4 years of follow-up, there were 601 cases of breast cancer diagnosed among participants. The multivariate age-adjusted relative risk of breast cancer is expressed according to the quintile estimates of calorie-adjusted total fat, saturated fat, and cholesterol intake.

From: Chapter 26, Nutrition in the Etiology and Prevention of Cancer

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