Figure 56.4. Aromatase immunohistochemistry color photomicrographs.

Figure 56.4

Aromatase immunohistochemistry color photomicrographs. (Modified from Santen et al. with permission.) A. A section of human breast tumor stained with antiaromatase antibody. Several isolated tumor epithelial cells are present with densely stained cytoplasm ( arrows ; objective magnification × 40). B. Control section of human breast tumor stained with an irrelevant antibody, antineuropeptide-Y. Neither tumor cells ( arrowheads ) nor stromal spindle cells ( arrow ) are stained (objective magnification × 40). C. A section of human breast tumor stained with antiaromatase antibody. In this area, the stromal spindle cells surrounding groups of tumor epithelial cells exhibit positive staining ( arrows ). Tumor cells are unstained ( arrowheads ; objective magnification × 40).A photomicrograph of greater magnification from the periphery of a group of tumor epithelial cells that did not exhibit staining for aromatase. At their periphery, however, is a stromal spindle cell with densely stained cytoplasm ( arrow ).

From: Chapter 56, Clinical Use of Aromatase Inhibitors in Breast Carcinoma

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