Table 101.5Recent Chemoradiation Studies in Patients with Resectable Pancreatic Cancer

First Author (yr)Number of Patients*EBRT Dose, GyChemotherapy Agent(s)Median Survival (mo)
Preoperative (neoadjuvant)
Pisters27 (1998)20305-FU25
Spitz15 (1997)4130–50.45-FU19.2
Hoffman290 (1998)2450.45-FU + Mito15.7
Hoffman289 (1995)1150.45-FU + Mito45
Postoperative (adjuvant)
Klinkenbijl280 (1999)60405-FU17.1
Surgery alone5412.6
Abrams288 (1999)2350.4–57.65-FU + LV15.9
Demeure287 (1998)3050.4–545-FU24.2
Surgery alone3116.9
Yeo223 (1997)12040–57.65-FU19.5
Surgery alone5313.5
Davis286 (1996)3450.45-FU16
Foo18 (1993)2935–605-FU23
Whittington5 (1991)2845–635-FU16
GITSG19 (1987)30405-FU18
Surgery alone2211

All patients underwent a pancreatectomy with curative intent.

EBRT = external-beam radiation therapy; 5-FU = 5-fluorouracil; GITSG = Gastrointestinal Tumor Study Group; LV = leucovorin; Mito = mitomycin C.

From: Chapter 101, Neoplasms of the Exocrine Pancreas

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