Table 101.2Histologic Classification of Epithelial Tumors of the Exocrine Pancreas

Ductal adenocarcinoma*
Mucinous cystadenocarcinoma
Acinar carcinoma
Unclassified large cell carcinoma
Small cell carcinoma
Uncertain malignant potential
Intraductal papillary neoplasm
Mucinous cystadenoma
Papillary cystic neoplasm
Serous cystadenoma

Variants include adenosquamous carcinoma, pleomorphic giant cell carcinoma, mucinous adenocarcinoma, and osteoclast-like giant cell carcinoma.

Previous names include intraductal mucin-hypersecreting neoplasm, duct ectatic mucinous cystadenoma or carcinoma, and mucinous ductal ectasia.

May exhibit uncontrolled local tumor growth, causing the designation “benign” to be questioned.

From: Chapter 101, Neoplasms of the Exocrine Pancreas

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