Figure 30D.4. Lymphoma of uterine cervix.

Figure 30D.4

Lymphoma of uterine cervix. A. CT demonstrates ill-defined mass (M) between the bladder (containing layered urine and contrast material) and the rectum (R). Note that mass extends lateral to the right ureter (arrow) and is inseparable from body of uterus. B. Saggital MRI. T1-weighted sequence demonstrates cervical tumor mass (M), which is clearly distinguishable from body of uterus (arrows). C. T2-weighted image at same level shows higher signal intensity in tumor mass (M) than normal myometrium, which is to the left. Note fluid in endometrial canal, which produces high signal (arrow). Bright fluid is also present in space between uterus and rectosigmoid, as well as in bladder lumen.

From: Chapter 30D, Imaging Neoplasms of the Abdomen and Pelvis

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