Table 85.3Clinical Manifestations Suggestive of Gastrinoma

Multiple upper gastrointestinal ulcers
Peptic ulcers in unusual locations (e.g., postbulbar)
Ulcers resistant to medical therapy
Frequent and recurrent ulcers after cessation of therapy
Postoperative ulcer recurrence
Basal hyperchlorhydria
Prolonged unexplained diarrhea or steatorrhea
Symptoms of hypercalcemia, renal stones, pituitary tumors
Radiographic evidence of increased gastric or duodenal folds
Family history of pituitary, pancreas, or parathyroid tumors or kidney stones

From: Chapter 85, Neoplasms of the Neuroendocrine System and Neoplasms of the Gastroenteropancreatic Endocrine System

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