Figure 30H.1. High grade astrocytoma: registered MRI and PET images.

Figure 30H.1

High grade astrocytoma: registered MRI and PET images. Contrast-enhanced spin echo T1 MRI (upper left), registered PET FDG (upper right), and two T2-weighted MRI images (less T2-weighting Te = 30 ms, TR = 2,500 ms [lower left]; more T2-weighting [Te = 80 ms, tR = 2,500 ms] [lower right]) in a patient with a recurrent high-grade astrocytoma. Note irregular zone of contrast enhancement on contrast-enhanced T1 MRI image adjacent to posterior margin of lateral ventricle. PET FDG image was registered and aligned to correspond to the level and angle of the MRI images. Note zone of increased uptake of FDG, indicating viable tumor, best seen on anterior margin of lesion. Central zone of decreased FDG uptake and low signal on contrast-enhanced MRI within the lesion is consistent with central necrosis of the lesion. Also note diminished FDG uptake in overlying occipital cortex, corresponding in distribution to edema evident on T2 images (lower row).

From: Chapter 30H, Radionuclide Imaging in Cancer Medicine

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