Table 151Medicaid recipients, recipients in managed care, payments per recipient, and recipients per 100 persons below the poverty level by geographic region and State: United States, selected fiscal years 1989-2001
[Data are compiled from Medicaid administrative records by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services] Click here for spreadsheet version

Recipients in thousands Percent of recipients in managed care Payments per recipient Recipients per 100 persons below the poverty level
Geographic region and State 1 1996 2 2001 1996 2 2001 1990 1996 2 2001 1989–90 2000–2001
United States36,11845,9724057$2,568$3,369$4,05375139
New England:
 New Hampshire100971685,4235,4967,12153134
 Rhode Island13018863683,7785,2805,823163198
 District of Columbia14314155642,6294,9555,90086159
 New Jersey71488143604,0545,2175,69383126
 New York3,2813,59123265,0996,8117,72595137
Great Lakes:
 North Dakota616455583,9554,8895,9335885
 South Dakota7711065973,3684,1143,89651164
 North Carolina1,1301,31037702,5313,2554,20166131
 South Carolina503761162,3433,0264,07152144
 West Virginia39534930461,4432,8554,48780127
 Arizona5287638696- - -- - -3,214- - -106
 New Mexico31838545642,1202,7573,85139122
Rocky Mountains:
Far West:
 Hawaii41- - -80782,2526,574- - -73- - -

– Quantity zero.

- - - Data not available.


Data are shown for Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) regions that are constructed to show economically interdependent States. These BEA geographic regions differ from Bureau of the Census geographic divisions shown in some Health, United States tables. See Appendix II, Geographic region and division.


Prior to 1999 recipient counts exclude those individuals who only received coverage under prepaid health care and for whom no direct vendor payments were made during the year; and vendor payments exclude payments to health maintenance organizations and other prepaid health plans ($15 billion in 1996). The total number of persons who were Medicaid eligible and enrolled was 41.2 million in 1996 (CMS Medicaid Statistics, Program and Financial Statistics FY1996, unpublished).

NOTES: Payments exclude disproportionate share hospital payments ($15.5 billion in FY2001). Data for additional years are available. See Appendix III.

SOURCES: Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, Office of Information Services, Enterprise Databases Group, Division of Information Distribution, Medicaid Data System; Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census, Housing and Household Economic Statistics Division.

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