Table 118National health expenditures, average annual percent change, and percent distribution, according to type of expenditure: United States, selected years 1960-2002
[Data are compiled from various sources by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services] Click here for spreadsheet version

Type of national health expenditure 1960 1970 1980 1990 1995 1999 2000 2001 2002
Amount in billions
National health expenditures$26.7$73.1$245.8$696.0$990.2$1,222.6$1,309.4$1,420.7$1,553.0
 Health services and supplies25.067.3233.5669.6957.61,181.71,261.41,370.01,496.3
  Personal health care23.463.2214.6609.4865.71,065.01,135.31,231.41,340.2
   Hospital care9.227.6101.5253.9343.6393.5413.2444.3486.5
   Professional services8.320.767.3216.9316.5397.6426.5464.3501.5
    Physician and clinical services5.414.047.1157.5220.5270.9290.3315.1339.5
    Other professional services0.40.73.618.228.636.738.842.645.9
    Dental services2.04.713.331.544.556.460.765.670.3
    Other personal health care0.
   Nursing home and home health0.94.420.165.3105.1121.9125.5132.8139.3
    Home health care10.10.22.412.630.532.331.733.736.1
    Nursing home care10.84.217.752.774.689.693.899.1103.2
   Retail outlet sales of medical products5.010.525.773.3100.5152.0170.1190.0212.9
    Prescription drugs2.75.512.040.360.8104.4121.5140.8162.4
    Other medical products2.35.013.733.139.747.648.549.250.5
  Government administration and net cost of private health insurance1.22.812.140.060.573.080.390.3105.0
  Government public health activities20.41.46.720.231.443.745.848.351.2
Average annual percent change from previous year shown
National health expenditures10.612.911.
 Health services and supplies10.413.
  Personal health care10.513.
   Hospital care11.713.
   Professional services9.512.512.
    Physician and clinical services10.112.912.
    Other professional services6.617.
    Dental services9.
    Other personal health care7.210.011.418.910.19.011.312.1
   Nursing home and home health17.216.312.510.
    Home health care114.526.918.119.41.4−
    Nursing home care117.415.411.
   Retail outlet sales of medical products7.89.411.16.510.911.911.712.0
    Prescription drugs7.
    Other medical products8.
  Government administration and net cost of private health insurance8.615.912.78.64.810.012.516.2
  Government public health activities13.217.411.
Percent distribution
National health expenditures100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0
 Health services and supplies93.692.
  Personal health care87.686.587.387.687.487.186.786.786.3
   Hospital care34.437.841.336.534.732.231.631.331.3
   Professional services31.328.327.431.232.032.532.632.732.3
    Physician and clinical services20.
    Other professional services1.
    Dental services7.
    Other personal health care2.
   Nursing home and home health3.
    Home health care10.
    Nursing home care13.
   Retail outlet sales of medical products18.614.310.510.510.212.413.013.413.7
    Prescription drugs10.
    Other medical products8.
  Government administration and net cost of private health insurance4.
  Government public health activities1.

… Category not applicable.


Freestanding facilities only. Additional services of this type are provided in hospital-based facilities and counted as hospital care.


Includes personal care services delivered by government public health agencies.


Research and development expenditures of drug companies and other manufacturers and providers of medical equipment and supplies are excluded from “research expenditures,” but are included in the expenditure class in which the product falls in that they are covered by the payment received for that product.

NOTES: These data include revisions in health expenditures and differ from previous editions of Health, United States. Percents are calculated using unrounded data.

SOURCE: Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, Office of the Actuary, National Health Statistics Group, National health accounts, National health expenditures, 2002. Internet address: www‚Äč

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