Table 108First-year and total enrollment of women in schools for selected health occupations, according to detailed race and Hispanic origin: United States, academic years 1980-81, 1990-91, 2000-01, and 2001–02
[Data are based on reporting by health professions associations] Click here for spreadsheet version

Both sexes Women
Enrollment, occupation, detailed race, and Hispanic origin 1980–81 1990–91 2000–01 2001–02 1 1980–81 1990–91 2 2000–01 2001–02 1
First-year enrollmentNumber of studentsPercent of students
Dentistry6,0304,0014,3274,40719.837.939.8- - -
Medicine (Allopathic)317,18616,87616,69916,87528.938.845.947.6
 Not Hispanic or Latino:
  White14,26211,83011,03811,10527.437.7- - -- - -
  Black or African American1,1281,2631,2431,30145.555.3- - -- - -
 Hispanic or Latino8189331,0221,02831.542.0- - -- - -
  Mexican25828543442030.639.3- - -- - -
  Mainland Puerto Rican95120523843.243.3- - -- - -
  Other Hispanic or Latino446552853657029.743.3- - -- - -
 American Indian677613112935.840.8- - -- - -
 Asian5722,5273,2653,31231.540.3- - -- - -
Medicine (Osteopathic)1,4961,9502,9273,04322.034.242.446.5
Nurses, registered5110,201113,526- - -- - -92.789.3- - -- - -
Pharmacy6.7,3778,2678,3828,92248.4- - -66.466.7
Podiatry695561475434- - -
Public Health3,3484,2895,8405,895- - -62.169.868.5
Total enrollment
Dentistry22,84215,95117,34917,48717.034.438.7- - -
Medicine (Allopathic)365,18965,16366,16066,25326.537.344.645.7
 Not Hispanic or Latino:
  Black or African American3,7084,2414,9004,77944.355.862.263.7
 Hispanic or Latino2,7613,5384,2204,22030.
  Mainland Puerto Rican32945746945035.943.148.648.0
  Other Hispanic41,4811,9722,0862,12131.138.446.647.0
 American Indian22127751951628.542.648.049.6
Medicine (Osteopathic)4,9406,79210,81711,10119.732.741.143.1
Nurses, registered5230,966221,170204,290215,94794.3- - -90.490.5
Optometry4,6414,7605,4285,354- - -47.355.560.4
Public Health8,48611,38616,01916,41455.262.567.968.2

- - - Data not available.


Data for optometry are for 2003–04.


Percent of women podiatry students is for 1991–92.


Includes race and ethnicity unspecified.


Includes Puerto Rican Commonwealth students.


Excludes American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, and Virgin Islands.


Pharmacy first-year enrollment is for students in the first year of the final 3 years of pharmacy education.

NOTES: Total enrollment data are collected at the beginning of the academic year while first-year enrollment data are collected during the academic year. Data for chiropractic students and occupational, physical, and speech therapy students were not available for this table. Some numbers in this table have been revised and differ from previous editions of Health, United States.

SOURCES: Association of American Medical Colleges: AAMC Data Book: Statistical Information Related to Medical Education. Washington, DC. 2002. AAMC Data Warehouse, unpublished data; American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine: 2002 Annual Report on Osteopathic Medical Education. Rockville, Maryland. 2003; Bureau of Health Professions: Minorities and Women in the Health Fields, 1990 edition; American Dental Association: 2000–01 Survey of Predoctoral Dental Education, Academic Programs, Enrollments, and Graduates, vol. 1, Chicago. 2002 and unpublished data; Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry: Annual Student Data Report Academic Year 2000–2001 and unpublished data; American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy: Profile of Pharmacy Students, Fall 2001; American Association of Colleges of Podiatric Medicine: unpublished data; National League for Nursing: Nursing Data Review. New York. 1997; Nursing data book. New York. 1982 and unpublished data; State-Approved Schools of Nursing-RN. New York. 1973; Association of Schools of Public Health: 2001 Annual Data Report. Washington, DC. 2002.

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