Table 4Live births, according to detailed race and Hispanic origin of mother: United States, selected years 1970-2002
[Data are based on birth certificates] Click here for spreadsheet version

Race and Hispanic origin of mother 1970 1975 1980 1985 1990 1995 2000 2001 2002
Total number of live births
All races3,731,3863,144,1983,612,2583,760,5614,158,2123,899,5894,058,8144,025,9334,021,726
Black or African American561,992496,829568,080581,824684,336603,139622,598606,156593,691
American Indian or Alaska Native22,26422,69029,38934,03739,05137,27841,66841,87242,368
Asian or Pacific Islander- - -- - -74,355104,606141,635160,287200,543200,279210,907
 Hawaiian- - -- - -4,6694,9386,0995,7876,6086,4116,772
 Other Asian or Pacific Islander- - -- - -36,56555,17078,35587,668118,588120,951128,182
Hispanic or Latino1- - -- - -307,163372,814595,073679,768815,868851,851876,642
 Mexican- - -- - -215,439242,976385,640469,615581,915611,000627,505
 Puerto Rican- - -- - -33,67135,14758,80754,82458,12457,56857,465
 Cuban- - -- - -7,16310,02411,31112,47313,42914,01714,232
 Central and South American- - -- - -21,26840,98583,00894,996113,344121,365125,981
 Other and unknown Hispanic or Latino.- - -- - -29,62243,68256,30747,86049,05647,90151,459
Not Hispanic or Latino:1
 White- - -- - -1,245,2211,394,7292,626,5002,382,6382,362,9682,326,5782,298,156
 Black or African American- - -- - -299,646336,029661,701587,781604,346589,917578,335

- - - Data not available.


Prior to 1993, data from States lacking an Hispanic-origin item on the birth certificate were excluded. See Appendix II, Hispanic origin.

NOTES: The race groups, white, black, American Indian or Alaska Native, and Asian or Pacific Islander, include persons of Hispanic and non-Hispanic origin. Persons of Hispanic origin may be of any race. Interpretation of trend data should take into consideration expansion of reporting areas and immigration. Data for additional years are available. See Appendix III.

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