Table 1Trends in VHA injury and adverse event hospitalizations: by discharge frequency

CCS CodeCCS Injury ClassFY1998FY1999FY2000FY2001FY2002Totals by CCS% Total Discharges
237Complication of device, implant, or graft8,7238,7178,9509,0568,99044,43629.01%
238Complications of surgical procedures or medical care6,6037,2177,2167,8318,73837,60524.55%
226Fracture of neck of femur (hip)2,8252,7912,6712,6232,34613,2568.66%
242Poisoning by other medications and drugs1,7851,8461,7441,7331,6078,7155.69%
230Fracture of the lower limb1,6821,7351,6621,7411,5478,3675.46%
244Other injuries and conditions due to external causes1,1571,1891,1541,2871,1845,9713.90%
231Other fractures9439788729679154,6753.05%
229Fracture of the upper limb8578747777837424,0332.63%
225Joint disorders and dislocations, trauma-related7656476285395013,0802.01%
232Sprains and strains7236315655774872,9831.95%
233Intracranial injury7206946746666593,4132.23%
241Poisoning by psychotropic agents7157246236575063,2252.11%
239Superficial Injury, contusion5825195405705782,7891.82%
236Open Wounds of extremities5495515204975172,6341.72%
228Skull and face fractures4383983463102761,7681.15%
234Crushing injury or internal injury3363363123623251,6711.09%
235Open Wounds of head, neck, and trunk3072902472392361,3190.86%
243Poisoning by non-medicinal substances2422512502191931,1550.75%
227Spinal cord injury12213711191945550.36%
TOTAL INJURY DISCHARGES by FY30,42930,84930,14231,05230,681100.00%

CCS = Clinical Classification Software

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From: Developing a Veterans Health Administration (VHA) Serious Injury Surveillance System that Includes Adverse Event Hospitalizations

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Advances in Patient Safety: From Research to Implementation (Volume 1: Research Findings).
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