Table 3Twenty-five most frequent diagnosis-related groups (DRGs) for rural hospital patients by bed count

<50 Beds50–99 Beds100+ Beds
DRG NameCumulative %DRG NameCumulative %DRG NameCumulative %
Normal newborn6.7Normal newborn7.2Normal newborn7.2
Vaginal delivery w/o complicating diagnoses12.2Vaginal delivery w/o complicating diagnoses13.2Vaginal delivery w/o complicating diagnoses13.1
Simple pneumonia17.0Simple pneumonia17.1Heart failure & shock16.5
Heart failure & shock21.2Heart failure & shock20.9Simple pneumonia19.5
Digestive disorders w/ CC27.1COPD26.6Psychoses25.0
Chest pain29.4Chest pain29.0Chest pain27.0
Cerebrovascular disorders31.2Digestive disorders w/ CC30.9Cesarean section w/o CC28.8
GI hemorrhage w/ CC32.8Major joint/limb reattachment32.7Major joint/limb reattachment30.6
Digestive disorders w/o CC34.4Cerebrovascular disorders34.5Esophagistis, gastroent & digestive disorders w/ CC32.4
Nutrition and metabolic disorders w/ CC36.0GI hemorrhage w/ CC36.1Cerebrovascular disorders34.0
Cesarean section w/o CC37.4Uterine & adnexa proc for non-malignancy w/o CC37.7Uterine & adnexa proc for non-malignancy w/o CC35.6
Kidney & urinary tract infections w/ CC38.8Cesarean section w/o CC39.2Pacemaker implant or PTCA w/ coronary artery stent37.1
Major joint/limb reattachment40.1Nutrition and metabolic disorders w/ CC40.6Neonate w/ significant problems38.5
Cardiac arrhythmia w/ CC41.4Atherosclerosis w/ CC41.9Atherosclerosis w/ CC39.8
Medical back problems42.6Esophagistis, gastroent & digestive disorders w/o CC43.2GI hemorrhage w/ CC41.1
Uterine & adnexa proc for non-malignancy w/o CC43.8Cardiac arrhythmia w/ CC44.4Nutrition and metabolic disorders w/ CC42.4
Neonate w/ significant problems45.0Neonate w/ significant problems45.5Cardiac arrhythmia w/ CC43.5
Atherosclerosis w/ CC46.1Circulatory disorders w/ AMI & major comp.46.6Esophagistis, gastroent & digestive disorders w/o CC44.6
Resp. infections & inflammations w/ CC47.2Kidney & urinary tract infections w/ CC47.7Septicemia45.6
Angina pectoris48.3Septicemia48.7Rehabilitation46.6
Septicemia49.3Resp. infections & inflammations w/ CC49.7Bronchitis & asthma age 0–1747.5
Circulatory disorders w/ AMI & major comp.50.3Angina pectoris50.7Circulatory disorders w/ AMI & major comp.48.4
Simple pneumonia51.3Bronchitis & asthma age 0–1751.6Kidn. & urin. tract infections w/CC49.3
Diabetes, age>3552.3Circulatory disorders w/ AMI & w/o major comp.52.5Vaginal delivery w/ complicating diagnoses50.2

From: Comparing Patient Safety in Rural Hospitals by Bed Count

Cover of Advances in Patient Safety: From Research to Implementation (Volume 1: Research Findings)
Advances in Patient Safety: From Research to Implementation (Volume 1: Research Findings).
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