TABLE 5.5Direct Mechanisms of Asbestos-Fiber Carcinogenesis

Mechanism Experimental Endpoints References
GenotoxicOxidized bases Chao et al. (1996), Fung et al. (1997)
DNA breaks Reviewed in Jaurand (1996)
Aneuploidy Reviewed in Jaurand (1996), Jensen et al. (1996)
Mutations Park and Aust (1998)
Deletions Reviewed in Hei et al. (2000)
      Mitogenic Target cell proliferation BéruBé et al. (1996), Goldberg et al. (1997)
Binding to or activation of surface receptorsBoylan et al. (1995), Pache et al. (1998)
Growth factor expression Liu et al. (1996), Brody et al. (1997)
Activation of signaling pathways Reviewed in Mossman et al. (1997), Manning et al. (2002)
      Cytotoxic Apoptosis Broaddus et al. (1996), Goldberg et al. (1997), Levresse et al. (1997)
Necrosis Reviewed in Kane (1996)

From: 5, Biological Aspects of Asbestos-Related Diseases

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