Table 4Comparison of the incidence of coronary thrombosis and of ulcerated plaques without thrombosis with the degree of luminal stenosis in four different acute coronary syndromes

Degree of Luminal Stenosis (%)Totals(%)
Cardiogenic ShockUP511710233848
No. 28Tc24682141*52
SCD w/ AMIUP3464111944
No. 18Tc2281224*56
SCD w/o AMIUP1538733661
No. 26Tc446923*39
Cardiac RuptureUP437111653
No. 11Tc323614*47
No. 83Tc510142548102*48

UP = Ulcerated plaque without thrombosis; Tc = Occlusive coronary thrombus; SCD = Sudden cardiac death; AMI = Acute myocardial infarction; * = p =<0.001 (Reprinted from reference 57 with permission)

From: Chapter 10, Chronic Ulcerated Plaques

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