Figure 2.1. Multiple alignment of the ribosomal protein L36 sequences.

Figure 2.1Multiple alignment of the ribosomal protein L36 sequences

Conserved amino acid residues are shown in bold and/or yellow. The following proteins are listed: A. aeolicus, aq_075; B. subtilis, RpmJ; C. jejuni, Cj1591; C. trachomatis, CT786; E. coli, RpmJ; H. pylori, HP1297; L. lactis, L153863; M. leprae, ML1961; M. genitalium, MG174; R. prowazekii, RP456; Synechocystis sp., sml0006; T. pallidum, TP0209; T. maritima, TM1476; V. cholerae, VC2575; X. fastidiosa, XF2440; Yeast, YPL183w. Bacterial and yeast proteins are from COG0257; other proteins are from GenPept and have the following gi numbers: rice O. sativa, gi12020; fruit fly D. melanogaster, CG18767; mouse, gi13559402; human, gi7677060.

From: Chapter 2, Evolutionary Concept in Genetics and Genomics

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