TABLE 5-9Summary of AEGL Values for Methyl Bromide

Classification10 min30 min1 h4 h8 h
AEGL-1 (nondisabling]NRaNRaNRaNRaNRa
AEGL-2 (disabling)940 ppm
(3,657 mg/m3)
380 ppm
(1,478 mg/m3)
210 ppm
(817 mg/m3)
67 ppm
(261 mg/m3)
67 ppm
(261 mg/m3)
AEGL-3 (lethal)3,300 ppm
(12,837 mg/m3)
1,300 ppm
(5,057 mg/m3)
740 ppm
(2,879 mg/m3)
230 ppm
(895 mg/m3)
130 ppm
(506 mg/m3)

Abbreviations: NR, not recommended.


Numerical values are not recommended because the data indicate that toxic effects might occur below the odor threshold for methyl bromide. Absence of an AEGL-1 value does not imply that exposure below the AEGL-2 value is without adverse effects.

From: 5, Methyl Bromide: Acute Exposure Guideline Levels

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