Figure 4. unc-86 regulates mother/daughter neuroblast asymmetry.

Figure 4

unc-86 regulates mother/daughter neuroblast asymmetry. The cell lineage of the neuroblast Q is shown on the left. In wild type, the neurons AQR and PQR are generated from the Q.a neuroblast, whereas the neurons AVM, PVM, and SDQ are generated from Q.p which expresses UNC-86, shown in thick line (X = programmed cell death). In an unc-86 mutant, Q.p fails to express unc-86 , and the cell reiterates the fate of the mother cell Q, reiterating the Q.a sublineage to generate supernumerary AQR and PQR neurons. Note that no mechanosensory AVM or PVM neurons are generated in the unc-86 mutant.

From: Section III, Specification of Sensory Neuronal Development

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