Table 3Chemotaxis- and thermotaxis-defective mutants

Cillium structure mutants
 All or most ciliated neurons che-2 , che-3 , che-10 , che-11 , che-13 , daf-10 , daf-13 , osm-1 , osm-5 , osm-6
 Amphid and phasmid neurons osm-3
 Socket and sheath cell defects che-12 , che-14 , daf-6
 Not reconstructed dyf-1 dyf-13
Normal chemosensory cilia, multiple sensory defects
 Interneuron lineage defects unc-86 , lin-32
 Axon guidance defects tax-2 , tax-4 , daf-11 , daf-21
 Other che-7 , tax-6 , mec-2
Genes that affect one or a few cell types
 ASE function (water-soluble chemotaxis) che-1 , che-6 , che-15 , che-16
 AWA function (volatile chemotaxis) odr-7
 AWC function (volatile chemotaxis) odr-1 , odr-5
 ASH function (osmotic avoidance) osm-7 , osm-8 , osm-11 , osm-12
 AFD function (thermotaxis) ttx-1 , ttx-2 , ttx-3
 AWC, AWA, ASH functions odr-3 , osm-9
Genes that affect some, but not all, of the functions of a sensory cell
 ASH (nose-touch−, osmotic avoidance+) glr-1
 AWC (benzaldehyde−, butanone+) odr-2 , odr-4
 AWA (diacetyl−, pyrazine+) odr-4 , odr-10

For details and references, see text.

From: Section V, Genetic and Molecular Analysis of Chemosensation and Thermosensation

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