TABLE 2-2Persons Under Jail Supervision, by Confinement Status and Type of Program, Midyear 1995, 2000, and 2002–2004

Confinement Status and Type of Program Number of Persons Under Jail Supervision
Held in jail507,044621,149665,475691,301713,990
Supervised outside of jail facilitya34,86965,88472,43771,37170,548
      Weekender programs1,90914,52317,95512,11111,589
      Electronic monitoring6,78810,7829,70612,67811,689
      Home detentionb1,3763321,0375941,173
      Day reporting1,2833,9695,0107,9656,627
      Community service10,25313,59213,91817,10213,171
      Other pretrial supervision3,2296,2798,70211,45214,370
      Other work programsc9,1448,0115,1904,4987,208
      Treatment programsdNA5,7141,2561,8912,208

NOTE: NA, not available.


Excludes persons supervised by a probation or parole agency.


Includes only those without electronic monitoring.


Includes persons in work-release programs, work gangs, and other work alternative programs.


Includes persons under drug, alcohol, mental health, and other medical treatment.

From: 2, Today’s Prisoners

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