Table 115

First-year and total enrollment of women in schools for selected health occupations: United States, selected academic years 1980–1981 through 2005–2006

[Data are based on reporting by health professions associations]

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Both sexesWomen
Enrollment and occupation1980–19811990–19912005–200611980–19811990–199122005–20061
First-year enrollmentNumber of studentsPercent of students
Medicine (Allopathic)317,18616,87617,37628.938.848.4
Medicine (Osteopathic)1,4961,9503,90822.034.249.8
Nurses4- - ‐- - ‐- - ‐- - ‐- - ‐- - ‐
Optometry 31,2581,2391,42925.350.664.9
Pharmacy3,57,3778,26710,50648.4- - ‐64.6
Podiatry695561552- - ‐28.046.9
Public Health3,63,3484,2897,382- - ‐62.169.8
Total enrollment
Medicine (Allopathic)365,18965,16368,00826.537.348.8
Medicine (Osteopathic)4,9406,79213,40619.732.749.6
Nurses4- - ‐- - ‐177,822- - ‐- - ‐90.1
Optometry34,6414,7605,377- - ‐47.363.1
Public Health3,68,48611,38619,44355.262.570.6
- - -

Data not available.


Starting with 2003–2004 data, osteopathic medicine data include the students of the Edward Via Virginia College of Osteopathic Medicine.


Percentage of women podiatry students is for 1991–1992.


Include data from schools in Puerto Rico.


Data are for generic (entry-level) or registered nurses seeking the baccalaureatre degree. Data for first-year enrollment are not available.


First-year enrollment data for pharmacy schools are for students in the first year of the final three years of pharmacy education. Prior to 1992–1993, pharmacy total enrollment data were for students in the final three years of pharmacy education. Starting in 1992–1993, pharmacy total enrollment data are for all students.


For 2003–2004 data, first-year enrollment data for public health schools include Spring, Summer, and Fall enrollment. All other years of data including 2004–2005 are for Fall enrollment only and are not directly comparable to 2003–2004 data.

NOTES: Total enrollment data are collected at the beginning of the academic year while first-year enrollment data are collected during the academic year. Data for chiropractic students and occupational, physical, and speech therapy students were not available for this table. Some numbers in this table have been revised and differ from previous editions of Health, United States. Data for additional years are available. See Appendix III.

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