Table 110

Doctors of medicine, by place of medical education and activity: United States and outlying U.S. areas, selected years 1975–2006

[Data are based on reporting by physicians]

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Place of medical education and activity19751985199520002003200420052006
Number of doctors of medicine
Total doctors of medicine393,742552,716720,325813,770871,535884,974902,053921,904
Active doctors of medicine 1340,280497,140625,443692,368736,211744,143762,438766,836
Place of medical education:
 US medical graduates- - -392,007481,137525,691558,167563,118571,798574,315
 International medical graduates 2- - -105,133144,306164,437178,044181,025190,640192,521
 Patient care 3,4287,837431,527564,074631,431691,873700,287718,473723,118
  Office-based practice213,334329,041427,275490,398529,836538,538563,225560,411
   General and family practice46,34753,86259,93267,53473,50873,23474,99974,900
   Cardiovascular diseases5,0469,05413,73916,30017,30117,25217,51917,480
   Internal medicine28,18852,71272,61288,69999,670101,776107,028107,284
   Pulmonary diseases1,1663,0354,9646,0956,9197,0727,3217,377
   General surgery19,71024,70824,08624,47525,28425,22926,07925,592
   Obstetrics and gynecology15,61323,52529,11131,72633,63633,81134,65934,225
   Orthopedic surgery8,14813,03317,13617,36718,42318,63219,11519,220
   Plastic surgery1,7063,2994,6125,3085,7255,8456,0116,016
   Urological surgery5,0257,0817,9918,4608,8048,7938,9558,850
   Diagnostic radiology1,9787,73512,75114,62216,40316,82817,61817,577
   Emergency medicine- - -- - -11,70014,54117,72718,96120,17320,055
   Pathology, anatomical/clinical4,1956,8779,03110,26710,20910,65311,74711,465
   Other specialty15,32028,45329,00535,31434,86136,03739,85039,280
  Hospital-based practice74,503102,486136,799141,033162,037161,749155,248162,707
   Residents and interns 553,52772,15993,65095,125100,033102,56395,39197,102
   Full-time hospital staff20,97630,32743,14945,90862,00459,18659,85765,605
  Other professional activity 624,25244,04640,29041,55644,33843,85643,96543,718
Not classified26,14513,95020,57945,13650,44748,01139,30446,252
Unknown address5,8682,9801,9771,098517497488472
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Data not available.


Doctors of medicine who are inactive, have unknown address, or primary specialty not classified are excluded. See Appendix II, Physician.


International medical graduates received their medical education in schools outside the United States and Canada.


Specialty information is based on the physician’s self-designated primary area of practice. Categories include generalists and specialists. See Appendix II, Physician specialty.


Starting with 2003 data, estimates include federal and nonfederal doctors of medicine. Prior to 2003, estimates were for nonfederal doctors of medicine only. See Health, United States, 2004, Table 103 for data on federal doctors of medicine.


Starting with 1990 data, clinical fellows are included in this category. In prior years, clinical fellows were included in the other professional activity category.


Includes medical teaching, administration, research, and other. Prior to 1990, this category also included clinical fellows.

NOTES: Data for doctors of medicine are as of December 31, except for 1990–1994 data, which are as of January 1. Outlying areas include Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and the Pacific islands of Canton, Caroline, Guam, Mariana, Marshall, American Samoa, and Wake. Data for additional years are available. See Appendix III.

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