Table 2Some Current HIV-1 Vaccines Under Development

Tests in humans
AntibodiesCellular immunity
neutralizingtype-specificgroup-specificimmunityCTLsTests in animals
Subunit vaccines
 rgp160 (III-B)
rgp160 (MN)
++++no protection to challenge infection in chimpanzees
 rgp120 (III-B)+++(−)a cellular and humoral immunity and some protection in chimps
 rgp120 (MN)++(−)a
 rgp120 (SF-2)low+
 HGP30 (p17 gag)lowlowlow
Inactivated virus
 +rgp160 + V3
 synthetic peptide
neutralizing antibodies; protection against homologous and heterologous challenge infection in chimpanzees (free and cell-associated virus)
Synthetic peptide (V3)++
Vaccinia-based vaccines
 gp160low+no protection against challenge infection in chimpanzees
 gp160 + rgp160 or
 rgp120 boost
high+++partial protection against challenge infection in chimps; protection against infection in SCID-Hu PBL mice
Canarypox-gp160 vaccine
++no protection against challenge infection in chimpanzees

Neutralization of other lab strains but not of field isolates.

From: Immunological Approaches to Controlling Retroviral Infection

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