Table 1.

A list of Web-based PubChem services for the BioAssay resource

ServiceDescriptionURL example
BioActivity Analysis ServicesHome page for bioactivity data analysis serviceshttp://pubchem​
BioAssay SummaryBioAssay summary page for a given AIDhttp://pubchem​.ncbi.nlm​
BioAssay Data Table (concise view)Concise data table for a given AID. The table includes SID,CID, structure, bioactivity outcome, score, and active concentration value if available
BioAssay Data Table (complete view)Complete data table for given AID, including all deposited test results
BioAssay Test Results SelectionSelect/search BioAssay test resultshttp://pubchem​.ncbi.nlm​​.cgi?q=t&aid=myAID
BioAssay SearchSearch BioAssay Database with Entrezhttp://www​
BioAssay Search, Limits pageAn interface for constructing an Entrez query
BioAssay Search, Advanced PageAn interface for reviewing search history and combining search results
PubChem Upload SystemChemical structure and BioAssay submission tool
BioActivity Summary - Assay-centricBioActivity Summary presented from the assay point of view
BioActivity Summary - Compound-centricBioActivity Summary presented from the compound point of view
BioActivity Summary - Target-centricBioActivity Summary presented from the target point of view
BioActivity SummaryBioActivity information for a single SID,CID, GI, GeneID
Structure-Activity Analysis (SAR)Structure-Activity relationship analysis and visualization in a heatmap-style display.
Related BioAssaysRelated BioAssays by: Activity Overlap, Target Similarity, Deposited Annotation, Same Publication, or Common BioSystems.
Scatter Plot/HistogramBioAssay test results plotting functions
Dose-response curveDraw dose-response curves for confirmatory assays containing dose-response data pointshttp://pubchem​.ncbi.nlm​​.cgi?service​=assaygraph&aid​=523&sid=16952359http://pubchem​.ncbi.nlm​
BioAssay downloadAssay data download servicehttp://pubchem​.ncbi.nlm​

From: NCBI PubChem BioAssay Database

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