TABLE 16.5

Types of chondroitin sulfates

Chondroitin sulfate typeDisaccharide repeatSource
AGlcAβ1–3GalNAc4Scartilage and other tissues
BIdoAα1–3GalNAc4Sskin; tendon
CGlcAβ1–3GalNAc6Scartilage and other tissues
DGlcA2Sβ1–3GalNAc6Sshark cartilage; brain
EGlcAβ1–3GalNAc4,6diSsquid; secretory granules

This list is not meant to be exhaustive because many types of chondroitins exist with unusual modifications. For example, DS disaccharide can also contain sulfate at the C-2 position of iduronic acid and sulfate at C-6 instead of C-4, and 2-O-sulfated and 3-O-sulfated glucuronic has been described in some cartilage CS.

From: Chapter 16, Proteoglycans and Sulfated Glycosaminoglycans

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