1:00–1:30:Community ecology and the human vaginal microbiome
 Larry Forney, University of Idaho
1:30–2:00:Host defense and immunomodulation of mucosal candidiasis
 Paul Fidel, Jr., Louisiana State University
2:00–2:30:Interactions between the mammalian virome, disease susceptibility genes, and the phenome
 Herbert “Skip” Virgin, Washington University
3:00–3:30:Microbial community dynamics and disruption—Health and disease in coral reefs and the human lung
 Forest Rohwer, San Diego State University
3:30–4:00:Interactions and functions of the gut microbiota in a model vertebrate host
 Karen Guillemin, University of Oregon
4:00–4:30:The influence of the mucosal immune system and gut microbiota on inflammatory bowel diseases (IBDs)
 Richard Blumberg, Harvard Medical School
5:30–6:00:Concluding Remarks

From: Appendix B, Agenda

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