TABLE 40.4

Some major parasites and their glycan-recognizing proteins

Plasmodium falciparummerozoiteEBA-175Neu5Acα2-3Gal/glycophorin A
merozoiteEBA-140sialic acid/glyco phorin B?
merozoiteEBA-180sialic acid
sporozoitecircumsporozoite proteinheparan sulfate
Trypanosoma cruzitrypomastigotetrans-sialidaseNeu5Acα2-3Gal
trypomastigotepenetrinheparan sulfate
Entamoeba histolyticatrophozoiteGal/GalNAc lectinGal/GalNAc
Entamoeba invadens (a reptilian pathogen)cystcyst wall protein (Jacob lectin)chitin
Giardia lambliatrophozoitetaglin (α-1 giardin)Man-6-phosphate heparan sulfate
Cryptosporidium parvumsporozoiteGal/GalNAc lectinGal/GalNAc
sporozoiteCpa135 protein?
Acanthamoeba keratitistrophozoite136-kD mannose-binding proteinmannose
Toxocara canislarvalTES-32?
Haemonchus contortusgut-localizedgalectinβ-galactosides

From: Chapter 40, Parasitic Infections

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