TABLE S-1Reported Concussion Rates by Sport, Sex, and Competition Level (High School and College) (Rates per 10,000 Athletic Exposures)

SportHigh SchoolCollege
Lincoln et al. (1997–2008)Gessel et al. (2005–2006)Marar et al. (2008–2010)Datalys Centera (2010–2012)Hootman et al. (1988–2004)Gessel et al. (2005–2006)Agel and Harvey (2000–2007)Datalys Centerc (2004–2009)Datalys Centerc (2009–2013)
Ice Hockey (W)9.1b8.27.05.0
Ice Hockey (M)
Lacrosse (W)
Lacrosse (M)
Soccer (W)
Soccer (M)
Field Hockey1.
Basketball (W)
Basketball (M)

Reported rates are based on preliminary data from NATA NATION reported by athletic trainers in participating high schools. Data collection began with 25 schools in 2010-2011 and currently has more than 100 participants in the 2013-2014 academic year.


The data from Hootman and colleagues (2007) represent 16 years (1988-2004), except in the case of women's ice hockey for which data collection began in 2000.


Data for the period 2004-2009 are from the NCAA Injury Surveillance System. The Datalys Center for Sports Injury Research and Prevention, Inc., assumed management of the NCAA injury surveillance program in 2009.


Rate calculated with fewer than 30 raw frequencies.


Average of participating teams over the time period.

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