BA New Agenda for Cancer Control Research: Report of the Cancer Control Review Group

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In 1996, the director of the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and chair of the Board of Scientific Advisors convened a panel of experts "to review the scope of the NCI cancer control research program and to make recommendations regarding the pursuit of research opportunities most likely to accelerate reductions in the nation's cancer burden" (National Cancer Institute, 1997a, p. i). The panel's report, released in 1997, makes a number of recommendations: "To build even stronger cancer control research programs, the new Division of Cancer Control and Population Science should pursue the following goals" (National Cancer Institute, 1997a, p. ii):

  • Create a unite focused on basic behavioral and social research in cancer control.
  • Create a research focus in informatics and communication.
  • Establish programs that recognize the role of behavioral prevention across the life span.
  • Increase integration of and support for cancer screening research.
  • Create a research focus on rehabilitation and survivorship.
  • Establish research links to various health care delivery systems.
  • Expand cancer surveillance and produce a "cancer report card."
  • Maintain strong support of biometry and applied research within the new division.
  • Focus research efforts on underserved populations and those with a disproportionate cancer burden.
  • Expand training in cancer control research.