ANNEX 3Cough etiquette and respiratory hygiene (Recommendation 8c)

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A3.1. Question

Table A3.1.


Table A3.1.

A3.2. Study selection process

BCG, Bacille Calmette Guerin; Mtb, Mycobacterium tuberculosis; TB, tuberculosis.

BCG, Bacille Calmette Guerin; Mtb, Mycobacterium tuberculosis; TB, tuberculosis

A3.3. Summary of evidence

Two observational studies (1, 2) clearly mention respiratory hygiene among the administrative measures contained in the packages implemented. However, some articles addressed the impact of respiratory hygiene on the reduction of transmission of influenza and pertussis, diseases with transmission dynamics that differ from those of TB (36). The few data available from these studies support the implementation of cough etiquette to reduce the transmission of influenza and pertussis. These findings, although not TB related, are used to inform the public health recommendation for the role of cough etiquette for TB infection control.

A3.4. GRADE profile

Table A3.2. Cough etiquette and respiratory hygiene – quality assessment.

Table A3.2

Cough etiquette and respiratory hygiene – quality assessment.

A3.5. References

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