Antimicrobials CINAHL Strategy

SearchString# Hits
S1(MH “Leg Ulcer+”)7248
S2TX “chronic leg”462
S3TX “chronic venous”558
S4TX “lower extremity” OR TX “lower extremities” OR TX “lower limb” OR TX “lower limbs”11938
S5TX Ulcer OR TX ulcers OR TX ulceration18750
S6(S2 OR S3 OR S4) AND S51369
S7TX “leg ulcer” OR TX “leg ulcers” OR TX “leg ulceration”2797
S8TX “venous ulcer” OR TX “venous ulcers” OR TX “venous ulceration”1845
S9TX “venous stasis ulcer” OR TX “venous stasis ulcers” OR TX “venous stasis ulceration”98
S10TX “chronic wound” OR TX “chronic wounds”2652
S11S1 OR S6 OR S7 OR S8 OR S9 OR S109620
S12(MH “Antiinfective agents+”)29109
S13TX Antibiotic* OR TX “Anti-biotic” OR TX antimicrobial* OR TX “anti-microbial” OR TX antibacterial* OR TX “anti-bacterial”1119
S14TX Cephalosporin*99
S15TX Cephalexin* OR TX Cefalexin*1088
S16TX Amoxicillin* OR TX Clavulanate*306
S17TX Linezolid*10
S18TX Dicloxacillin*620
S19TX Clindamycin*889
S20TX Trimethoprim* OR TX sulfamethoxazole*792
S21TX Quinolone*348
S22TX Levofloxacin*254
S23TX Moxifloxacin*411
S24TX “Beta lactam” OR TX “beta lactams” OR TX “beta-lactam” OR TX “beta-lactams”537
S25TX Augmentin*47
S26TX Cefixime*40
S27TX Cefpodoxime*198
S28TX Cefazolin*574
S29TX Ceftriaxone*2440
S30TX Vancomycin* OR Daptomycin*61
S31TX Ertapenem*235
S32TX Piperacillin* OR TX tazobactam* OR TX cefipime*1280
S33TX Gentamicin* OR TX tobramycin* OR TX amikacin*1011
S34TX aminoglycoside*153
S35TX Neomycin*1677
S36TX Tetracycline* OR TX doxycycline* OR TX minocycline*996
S37TX Metronidazole*233
S38TX Cefuroxime*5512
S39S12 OR S13 OR S14 OR S15 OR S16 OR S17 OR S18 OR S19 OR S20 OR S21 OR S22 OR S23 OR S24 OR S25 OR S26 OR S27 OR S28 OR S29 OR S30 OR S31 OR S32 OR S33 OR S34 OR S35 OR S36 OR S37 OR S3837572
S40S11 AND S39801
S41Limiters - Publication Type: Abstract, Accreditation, Algorithm, Anecdote, Audiovisual, Bibliography, Biography, Book, Book Chapter, Book Review, Brief Item, Care Plan, Cartoon, Case Study, CEU, Clinical Innovations, Code of Ethics, Commentary, Computer Program, Consumer/Patient Teaching Materials, Corrected Article, Critical Path, Diagnostic Images, Directories, Doctoral Dissertation, Drugs, Editorial, Equations & Formulas, Exam Questions, Forms, Games, Glossary, Historical Material, Interview, Legal Cases, Letter, Listservs, Masters Thesis, Nurse Practice Acts, Nursing Diagnoses, Nursing Interventions, Obituary, Pamphlet, Pamphlet Chapter, Pictorial, Poetry, Practice Acts, Proceedings, Protocol, Questions and Answers, Response, Software, Standards, Statistics, Tables/Charts, Teaching Materials, Tracings, Website1
S42S40 NOT S41801
S43S40 NOT S41 publication date limited 1980 to 2012814

From: Appendix A, Detailed Electronic Database Search Strategies

Cover of Chronic Venous Ulcers: A Comparative Effectiveness Review of Treatment Modalities
Chronic Venous Ulcers: A Comparative Effectiveness Review of Treatment Modalities [Internet].
Comparative Effectiveness Reviews, No. 127.
Zenilman J, Valle MF, Malas MB, et al.

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