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The authors gratefully acknowledge the continuing support of our AHRQ Task Order Officers, Marian James, Ph.D., M.A., and William Lawrence, M.D., M.S. We extend our appreciation to our Key Informants and members of our Technical Expert Panel (listed below), all of whom provided thoughtful advice and input during our research process.

The investigators deeply appreciate the considerable support, commitment, and contributions of the EPC team staff at the RTI International–University of North Carolina (RTI–UNC) Evidence-based Practice Center. We express our gratitude to the following individuals for their contributions to this project: Meera Viswanathan, Ph.D., RTI–UNC EPC Director; Russell Harris, M.D., M.P.H. for his scientific advisement; Susana Peinado, M.A., for her assistance with abstraction; Christiane Voisin, M.S.L.S., for conducting the literature searches; the RTI–UNC EPC staff who facilitated data retrieval; and Loraine Monroe, our EPC word processor.