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McCormack L, Sheridan S, Lewis M, et al. Communication and Dissemination Strategies to Facilitate the Use of Health-Related Evidence. Rockville (MD): Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (US); 2013 Nov. (Evidence Reports/Technology Assessments, No. 213.)

Cover of Communication and Dissemination Strategies to Facilitate the Use of Health-Related Evidence

Communication and Dissemination Strategies to Facilitate the Use of Health-Related Evidence.

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Appendix FEvidence Tables for Key Question 2

Table F-1. Key Question 2 study design details (MS Word, 61K)

Table F-2. Key Question 2 sample characteristics, part 1 (MS Word, 81K)

Table F-3. Key Question 2 sample characteristics, part 2 (MS Word, 65K)

Table F-4. Key Question 2 intervention descriptions (MS Word, 100K)

Table F-5. Key Question 2 studies, first outcome (MS Word, 93K)

Table F-6. Key Question 2 studies with a second outcome (MS Word, 80K)

Table F-7. Key Question 2 studies with a third outcome (MS Word, 63K)

Table F-8. Key Question 2 studies with a fourth outcome (MS Word, 50K)

Table F-9. Key Question 2 studies with a fifth or sixth outcome (MS Word, 47K)

Table F-10. Key Question 2, other analysis information (MS Word, 57K)


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