Table 10Cost Estimates Based on the Ontario Schedule of Benefits for Physician Services Under the Health Insurance Act (September 2011)31

Fee CodeDescriptionTech.
Fees ($)
Fees ($)
Costs ($)
J813Myocardial wall motion — studies with ejection fraction138.6082.25220.85
J866Application of SPECT (maximum 1 per examination)44.6031.1075.70
Maintenance fees — from global budget33.8533.85
G570/G571Complete study — 1 and 2 dimensions76.4574.10150.55
X441CMRI — thorax — multislice sequence77.20115.85
X445C (×3)Repeat (another plane, different pulse sequence — to a maximum of 3 repeats)38.65 (×3) = 115.95115.95
X4993-D MRI acquisition sequence, including post-processing (minimum of 60 slices; maximum 1 per patient per day)65.4065.40
X487When gadolinium is used38.6038.60
X486When cardiac gating is performed (must include application of chest electrodes and ECG interpretation), add 30%89.1489.14
Technical cost — from global budget300.00300.00
Maintenance fees — from global budget73.0073.00

3-D = three-dimensional; ECG = electrocardiogram; Echo = echocardiogram; MRI = magnetic resonance imaging; prof. = professional; RNA = radionuclide angiogram; SPECT = single-photon emission computed tomography; tech. = technical.

From: APPENDIX 2.11, Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillator Decision-Making

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