Table 61State psychiatric hospital residents and hospitals, by state: number, United States, 2010 and 2011

[Data are based on reports from state mental health agencies]

StateState psychiatric hospital residents, 2010 (number)State psychiatric hospitals, 20101,2 (number)State psychiatric hospital residents, 2011 (number)State psychiatric hospitals, 2011 (number)
United States45,57721642,640206
 District of Columbia40713121
 New Hampshire18711441
 New Jersey2,06051,7635
 New Mexico15911651
 New York5,236264,79125
 North Carolina69047054
 North Dakota17911901
 Rhode Island132031040
 South Carolina48546234
 South Dakota23412251
 West Virginia28922722

Four states (Connecticut, Florida, Massachusetts, and Missouri) reported closing one state psychiatric hospital in the past year, whereas one state (Maryland) reported closing two state psychiatric hospitals in the past year.


Five states (Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania) reported that plans are in place, or are under consideration, for closing state psychiatric hospitals at some point in the future.


Rhode Island has state-operated psychiatric inpatient beds that are part of a general hospital.

NOTE: As an example of how to interpret the estimates in the table, in 2010, there were 1,130 state psychiatric hospital residents across 6 state psychiatric hospitals in Alabama.

SOURCE: Uniform Reporting System. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration; 2011. Retrieved from http://www‚Äč

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