Table 167Mental health medication expenditures for a mental health condition among adults, by insurance status and selected therapeutic categories: expenditures, United States, 1998, 2008, 2009, and 2010

[Data are based on a household survey of a nationally representative sample]

Coverage group/medication categoryExpenditures (millions of dollars)Expenditure per person (dollars)
All coverage groups$10,677$27,358$27,509$29,250$707$1,006$969$978
 Antianxiety, all classes11,4222,0671,2751,503268222139158
 Antidepressants, all classes6,99013,01213,17115,164624605591651
 Antipsychotics, all classes1,5067,2157,8258,9581,0752,5772,3022,890
 Antimanics, anticonvulsants5953,0363,1191,5355951,2651,248568
Medicare, aged 65 or older (total)1,5722,8773,4544,076476523628691
 Antianxiety, all classes1357355273330238161130184
 Antidepressants, all classes1,0931,9362,0192,920521472505621
 Antipsychotics, all classes**671***2,238*
 Antimanics, anticonvulsants********
Medicare, aged 18 to 64 (total)1,8624,4405,2675,9741,5511,9302,1942,134
 Antianxiety, all classes1217624241291361567219243
 Antidepressants, all classes7731,4611,7281,952966811909887
 Antipsychotics, all classes*1,7032,4543,331*2,8383,0684,759
 Antimanics, anticonvulsants***312***519
Private insurance (total)4,98012,88713,47713,149630901875817
 Antianxiety, all classes1593648448553258154107120
 Antidepressants, all classes3,8647,2767,6068,257604627604650
 Antipsychotics, all classes*2,0952,2612,064*2,3272,0552,064
 Antimanics, anticonvulsants*1,4731,666693*1,4731,388533
Medicaid/other public (total)1,7205,0824,0634,5999551,7521,3111,533
 Antianxiety, all classes1191217241236239198241197
 Antidepressants, all classes8681,2191,2171,456724580529662
 Antipsychotics, all classes4562,6802,0162,3359123,8282,5202,918
 Antimanics, anticonvulsants*801403343*1,336806857
Uninsured (total)$544$2,072$1,249$1,452$604$942$624$692
 Antianxiety, all classes1*2237292*27990115
 Antidepressants, all classes3921,122602578559623401386
 Antipsychotics, all classes********
 Antimanics, anticonvulsants********

Estimates are considered unreliable because of low precision.


Antianxiety medications include sedative and hypnotic medications.

NOTES: All classes of medication combined do not add to total because the table does not detail classes of medication with a relatively small number of fills.

Categorization of medications follows that of the National Institute of Mental Health (http://www​​/health/publications​/mental-health-medications​/alphabetical-list-of-medications.shtml).

Estimates for 1998 and 2008 are similar to those in Mental Health, United States, 2010 (SAMHSA, 2012a). The previous volume used restricted use data, whereas this volume uses public use data. The restricted use data allow for more precise classifications of medications.

Estimates were adjusted to 2012 dollars using the GDP Price Index. The index is compiled by the U.S. Department of Commerce's Bureau of Economic Analysis.

Adults are defined as people aged 18 or older.

As an example of how to interpret the estimates in the table, in 1998, mental health medication expenditures for a mental health condition among U.S. adults totaled $10,677 million.

SOURCE: Medical Expenditure Panel Survey. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality; 1998–2010. .

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