Malignant Solid TumorsOutcomes (HSCT Versus Conventional Therapy)
High-risk recurrent or progressive anaplastic astrocytomaImproved 5-year overall survival (40%; n = 10) when compared with patients who received conventional therapy (0%; n = 71) Image clinstemcellfu2.jpg
Metastatic rhabdomyosarcomaOverall survival not improved Image clinstemcellfu3.jpg
Extraocular retinoblastoma with central nervous system involvementOverall survival not improved Image clinstemcellfu2.jpg
High-risk Ewing's sarcoma
High-risk Wilms' tumor, relapsed
Nonanaplastic mixed or unspecified ependymomaAssociated with higher treatment-related mortality than conventional therapy and leads to shorter overall survival Image clinstemcellfu2.jpg

From: Hematopoietic Stem-Cell Transplantation for Rare Diseases in the Pediatric Population

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