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Guidelines for the Management of Conditions Specifically Related to Stress. Geneva: World Health Organization; 2013.

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Guidelines for the Management of Conditions Specifically Related to Stress.

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Annex 4Declarations of Interest

4.1. Consultants

Potential perceived conflict of interest (as expressed in declaration of interest forms): none.

4.2. Guideline Development Group

NameCurrent affiliationCompeting interest declared?Nature of declared competing interest (as expressed in declaration of interest form)
1. Joop de Jong (chair)Vrije UniversiteitNone
2. Jonathan BissonUniversity of WalesYes: 1b (consulting)Was paid by WHO US$ 5000 in 2009 for performing systematic review of efficacy of psychological first aid; was paid by WHO US$ 5000 in 2011 for performing systematic review of efficacy of pharmacological interventions for PTSD
3. Judith CohenDrexel University College of MedicineYes: 1b (consulting)
2a: (research support for salary)
4a: (copyright)
1b: Consultant for training in TF-CBT treatment model in three US states: US$ 10,000 per year, ongoing;
2a: Salary paid to Allegheny Singer Research Institute by National Institute for Mental Health (US): ongoing;
4a: Copyright for book: Treating Traumatic Grief in Children and Adolescents: approximately US$ 5000 per year, ongoing.
Judith Cohen did not participate in the recommendation development meeting in Amman, Jordan.
4. Zeinab HijasiInternational Medical CorpsNone
5. Olayinka OmigbodunUniversity of IbadanYes: 5b: (held relevant office)President of International Association for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Allied Professions – current
6. Derrick SiloveUniversity of New South WalesNone
7. Soraya SeedatStellenbosch UniversityYes: 1a (research grants)
2b (travel sponsorship)
1a: National Research Foundation and National Institutes of Health (NIH) provided research grants of US$ 700,000 in 2002–2011 (past).
2b: Travel to congresses and educational meetings sponsored by AstraZeneca, Eli Lily, GlaxoSmithKline, Lundbeck and Servier, Dr Reddy's. Total value estimated at US$ 5000 between 2002 and 2011.
5a: Co-author of Cochrane review on pharmacological interventions for PTSD (past); involvement in making guidelines for PTSD for the South African Society for Psychiatrists (current); involvement in the International Psychopharmacological Algorithm Project's guidelines for PTSD (past).
Dr Seedat did not participate in decision-making on any recommendations involving pharmacological interventions for PTSD.
8. Renato SouzaInternational Committee of the Red Cross (until July 2012); University of Sao Paulo (from July 2012)None
9. Athula SumathipalaInstitute for Research and DevelopmentNone
10. Laskhmi VijaykumarSNEHANone
11. Inka WeissbeckerInternational Medical CorpsNone
12. Doug ZatzickUniversity of Washington5b (holds relevant office)Chairs a study section of the US National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) and is on the Institute of Medicine (IOM) Committee for the study of PTSD (2011–2014).

4.3. External reviewers

NamePotential perceived conflict of interest (as expressed in declaration of interest forms)
1. Alain Brunet & Daniel SaumierNo
2. Andreas MaerckerYes – consulting and positions, appointed chair to the WHO ICD-10 revision working group on disorders associated with stress (2011–2013)
3. Andrew RasmussenNo
4. Alison SchaferNo
5. Boris BudosanNo
6. Bhava PoudyalNo
7. Carolina EcheverriNo
8. Cécile RousseauNo
9. Laura K. MurrayYes – consulting, research, public speaking
10. Leslie SniderNo
11. Miranda OlffNo
12. Nino MakhashviliNo
13. Pam DixNo
14. Peter HughesYes – consulting for WHO and International Medical Corps
15. Patti LevinNo
16. Pau Pérez-SalesNo
17. Robert S. PynoosYes – research, intellectual property rights (Copyright UCLA PTSD-RI for Children and Adolescents, PFA Field Operations Guide)
18. Sarah MeyerNo
19. Sonali SharmaYes – consulting, public statement and positions
20. Thomas BarrettNo
21. William YuleNo
22. Yukiro SuzukiNo
Copyright © World Health Organization 2013.

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