Detecting exposureCadmium can be measured in blood, urine, hair, or nails. Urinary cadmium has been shown to accurately reflect the amount of cadmium in the body.
Measuring exposureThe amount of cadmium in your blood shows your recent exposure to cadmium. The amount of cadmium in your urine shows both your recent and your past exposure.

Cadmium levels in hair or nails are not as useful as an indication of when or how much cadmium you may have taken in, partly because cadmium from outside of your body may attach to the hair or nails.

Tests are also available to measure the amount of cadmium inside your liver and kidneys.


Cover of Toxicological Profile for Cadmium
Toxicological Profile for Cadmium.
Faroon O, Ashizawa A, Wright S, et al.

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