Table 29Treatment effects: quality of life outcomes–oral selective antihistamine versus leukotriene receptor antagonist

OutcomeVarianceSS Favors Oral S-AH MDNSS Favors/NR Oral S-AH MDFavors Neither MD=0NSS Favors/NR LRA MDSS Favors LRA MD
2-Week Outcomes
 Meltzer, 20001100
 Nayak, 200211195% CI0.03 (NR)
 Philip, 200211295% CI0.10 (NR)
 van Adelsberg, 200311395% CI0.08 (NR)
 van Adelsberg, 200311495% CI0
4-Week Outcomes
 Lombardo, 20061090.13 (NR)
 van Adelsberg, 200311495% CI0.04 (NR)

LRA = Leukotriene receptor antagonist; MD = mean difference between group mean changes from baseline; NR = p-value not reported; NSS = not statistically significant; RQLQ = Rhinoconjunctivitis Quality of Life Questionnaire; S-AH = selective antihistamine SS = statistically significant.

Variance/confidence interval reported: CI = confidence interval; SD = standard deviation; SE = standard error.

From: Results

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