Appendix Table C33Nasal symptom outcomes: change from baseline–intranasal corticosteroid versus nasal antihistamine

Author, YearDrug, Dose/DayN/nTime, weeksCongestionpRhinorrheapSneezingpItchingpTNSSp
Carr, 2012 (Trial 1)Fluticasone propionate 200mcg207/2072-1.2 (1.3)NR-1.3 (1.4)NR-1.5 (1.4)NR-1.3 (1.3)NR-5.0 (4.7)aNR
Azelastine 548mcg208/208-0.9 (1.3)-1.1 (1.4)-1.3 (1.3)-0.9 (1.3)-4.1 (4.6)a
Carr, 2012 (Trial 2)Fluticasone propionate 200mcg189/1892-1.1 (1.5)NR-1.3 (1.5)NR-1.4 (1.5)NR-1.2 (1.4)NR-5.0 (5.2)aNR
Azelastine 548mcg194/194-1.0 (1.3)-1.0 (1.3)-1.3 (1.5)-1.1 (1.3)-4.4 (4.6)a
Carr, 2012 (Trial 3)Fluticasone propionate 200mcg450/4502-1.1 (1.2)NR-1.3 (1.4)NR-1.5 (1.5)NR-1.2 (1.3)NR-5.1 (4.7)aNR
Azelastine 548mcg445/445-1.0 (1.2)-1.2 (1.4)-1.4 (1.5)-1.1 (1.4)-4.5 (4.8)a
Ghimire, 2007Beclomethasone dipropionate 400mcg25bc2-1.8dNR-2.2dNR-2.3dNR
Azelastine 1120mcg25bc-1d-2.2d-2.2d
Hampel, 2010Fluticasone propionate 200mcg153/1512-0.86NR-1.15NR-0.98NR-0.91NR-3.84 (4.76)aNR
Azelastine 548mcg152/152-0.75-0.87-0.86-0.82-3.25 (4.16)a
Kaliner, 2009Fluticasone propionate 200mcg65/652-29.3eNS-40.3eNS-41eNS-42.8eNS3.1d0.68
Olopatadine 4 puffs/nostril65/65-22.4e-38.7e-53.9e-29.4e3.2d
Newson-Smith, 1997Beclomethasone dipropionate 400mcg83bc2-0.8NS-1NS-1NS-0.9NS
Azelastine 1120mcg83bc-0.3-0.6-0.6-0.5
Pelucchi, 1995Beclomethasone dipropionate 200mcg15/132NS
Azelastine 560mcg15/10
Ratner, 2008Fluticasone propionate 200mcg50/492-1.1 (1.2)NR-1.3 (1.2)NR-1.5 (1.5)NR-1.3 (1.5)NR-5.2 (4.6)aNR
Azelastine 4 puffs/nostril49/49-1.1 (1.5)-1.1 (1.4)-1.5 (1.0)-1.1 (1.4)-4.8 (4.3)a
Ghimire, 2007Beclomethasone dipropionate 400mcg25bc3-0.3fNR-0.3fNR-0.2fNR
Azelastine 1120mcg25bc-0.8f-0.3f-0.2f
Pelucchi, 1995Beclomethasone dipropionate 200mcg15/133-3.4gNS
Azelastine 560mcg15/10-4.5g
Ghimire, 2007Beclomethasone dipropionate 400mcg25bc4-0.1hNR-0.1hNR-0.1hNS
Azelastine 1120mcg25bc-0.6h-0.1h-0.1h
Pelucchi, 1995Beclomethasone dipropionate 200mcg15/134-2.7iNS
Azelastine 560mcg15/10-3.7i
Pelucchi, 1995Beclomethasone dipropionate 200mcg15/135-2.1jNS
Azelastine 560mcg15/10-3.5j

N/n = Number of patients randomized/number of patients analyzed; NR = not reported; NS = non-significant; TNSS = total nasal symptom score.

Except as noted, entries for each symptom represent the mean change from baseline symptom score using a 0 (no symptom) to 3 (severe symptom) rating scale. TNSS ranges from 0 to 12.

Values in parentheses are standard deviations.


TNSS is a sum of AM and PM scores ranging from 0 to 24.


Overall demographic info provided only.


Only patients randomized are reported.


Values calculated by report author.


Percent change from baseline.


Endpoint for third week.


Average for third week.


Endpoint for fourth week.


Average for fourth week.


Average for fifth week.

From: Appendix C, Evidence Tables

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