Appendix Table C15Eye symptom outcomes–oral selective antihistamine versus intranasal corticosteroid

Author, YearDrug, Dose/DayN/nTime, WeeksOutcomeBaseline MeanChange from Baselinep
Andrews, 2009 (Trial 1)Fexofenadrine 180 mg311/3112TOSS (scale 0-9)7.0 (0.08)a0.106
Fluticasone furoate 110 mcg312/3126.9 (0.08)a
Andrews, 2009 (Trial 2)Fexofenadrine 180 mg227/2272TOSS (scale 0-9)7.0 (0.10)a0.002
Fluticasone furoate 110 mcg224/2246.8 (0.10)a
Anolik, 2008Loratadine 10 mg181/1752Tearing0.04b
Mometasone furoate 200 mcg176/166
Gawchik, 1997Loratadine 10 mg153/1372Symptoms undefinedNS
Triamcinolone acetonide 220 mcg152/142
Bernstein, 2004Loratadine 10 mg158/1584TOSS (scale 0-300)204.3c (3.8)a-72.5c (5.4)a0.028
Fluticasone propionate 200 mcg158/158209.4c (3.8)a-88.7c (5.3)a
Condemi, 2000Loratadine 10 mg176/1744TOSS (scale 0-9)1.9-0.9 (1.0)NS
Triamcinolone acetonide 220 mcg175/1741.9-0.9 (0.9)
Gawchik, 1997Loratadine 10 mg153/1374Symptoms undefined<0.02
Triamcinolone acetonide 220 mcg152/142
Schoenwetter, 1995Loratadine 10 mg149/1404Symptoms undefined1.75-0.69 (0.69)NS
Triamcinolone acetonide 220 mcg149/1341.75-0.80 (0.78)

N/n = Number of patients randomized to comparator groups of interest/number of patients analyzed; NS = not significant; TOSS = total ocular symptom score.

TOSS is the sum of scores for 3 ocular symptoms (itching, tearing, and redness). Values are presented as mean (standard deviation) unless otherwise noted.


Standard error


Anolik, 2008 assessed ocular itching, tearing, and redness. Baseline and change from baseline values were not provided. One statistically significant result was reported as shown. For ocular itching and redness, INCS was not statistically superior to selective oral antihistamine. P-values not reported.


TOSS is the sum of 3 individual eye symptom scores rated on a visual analog scale from 0 (no symptom) to 100 (severe symptom): itching, tearing, and redness. TOSS ranges from 0 to 300.

From: Appendix C, Evidence Tables

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