Table 3-16Parameter Values for the Bruce et al. (2008) Modela

Chemical parameters
     DLCOLung CO diffusion capacitymL CO/minute-Torr     30
     DMCOMuscle CO diffusion capacitymL CO/minute-Torr       1.75
     DTO2Within tissue diffusion coefficient for O2mL/minute-Torr       0.00060
     DTCOWithin tissue diffusion coefficient for O2mL/minute-Torr       0.00045
     HbBlood Hb concentrationg/mL       0.14
     HbFFetal blood Hb concentrationg/mL       0.155
     MHbHaldane coefficient for Hbunitless   218
     MMbHaldane coefficient for Mbunitless     36
     nHill equation exponentunitlessvariablea
     O2HbMaxO2 capacity of HbmL O2/g Hb       1.381
     PBBarometric pressureTorr   760
     PAO2Partial pressure of O2 in arterial bloodTorr   100
     PMO2Partial pressure of O2 in muscleTorr     20
     P50HbPartial pressure at 50% Hb saturationTorrvariablea
     P50MbPartial pressure at 50% Mb saturationTorr       2.32
     MRO2 BWhole body O2 consumptionmL/minute/g       0.0032
     MRO2 MMuscle O2 consumptionmL/minute/g0.021–0.03
     SO2Solubility of O2 in plasmamL/Torr3.14·10−5
     SCOSolubility of CO in plasmamL/Torr2.35·10−5
     VO2Total body O2 consumptionmL/minute   225
     VCOEndogenous CO productionml/minute       0.007
     VMVolume of muscleL     29.1
     VM1FVolume of muscle subcompartment 1L       0.4·VM
     VM2FVolume of muscle subcompartment 1L       0.6·VM
     VOTVolume of other tissueL       9.6
     QCCardiac outputmL/minute5,800
     QMfBlood flow fraction to musclesunitless       0.40
     QOTfBlood flow fraction to other tissueunitless       0.25
     VAAlveolar ventilation ratemL/minute5,500

Estimated from Hill equation:


Values for n ranged from approximately 2.34 at COHb=0% to 1.8 at COHb=100%. Values for P50Hb ranged from 25 at COHb=0% to 0 at COHb=100%

CO = carbon monoxide; COHb = carboxyhemoglobin; Hb = hemoglobin


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