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Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative: Revised, Updated and Expanded for Integrated Care. Geneva: World Health Organization; 2009.

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Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative: Revised, Updated and Expanded for Integrated Care.

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The development of the original Self-Appraisal Tool was a collaborative effort among staff at the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), the World Health Organization (WHO), and Wellstart International.

Ann Brownlee, currently Clinical Professor at University of California, San Diego (ude.dscu@eelnworba), prepared this revision of the BFHI Self-Appraisal and Monitoring tools for UNICEF and WHO, as a consultant of BEST Services.

Acknowledgement is given to all the BFHI assessors, health professionals, and field workers, who, through their diligence and caring, have implemented and improved the Baby-friendly Hospital Initiative through the years, and thus contributed to the content of these revised guidelines and tools.

Many BFHI national co-coordinators and their colleagues around the world responded to the initial User Needs survey. Colleagues from many countries also generously shared various BFHI self-appraisal and assessment tools developed at country level.

Thorough and thoughtful reviews of drafts of the revised Global Criteria, Self-Appraisal Tool, External Hospital Assessment Tool, Monitoring and Reassessment Tools, and/or computer data entry and analysis tool were provided by BFHI experts from the various UNICEF and WHO regions, including Rufaro C. Madzima, Zimbabwe; Ngozi Niepuome, Nigeria; Dikolotu Morewane, Botswana; Meena Sobsamai, Thailand; Azza Abul-fadl, Egypt; Sangeeta Saxena, India; Marina Rea, Brazil; Veronica Valdes, Chile; Elizabeth Zisovska, Macedonia; Elizabeth Horman, Germany; and Laura Haiek, Canada; as well as Mwate Chintu, LINKAGES Project. Rae Davies, Linda J. Smith, Roberta Scaer and other colleagues with expertise on birthing and breastfeeding provided extensive assistance with development of the new “mother-friendly care” component.

Genevieve Becker of BEST Services, as the project coordinator, Moazzem Hossain and David Clark of UNICEF; Randa Jarudi Saadeh and Carmen Casanovas of the Department of Nutrition for Health and Development as well as colleagues from the Department of Child and Adolescent Health and Development at WHO, and Miriam Labbok of the Center for Infant and Young Child Feeding and Care, School of Public Health, University of North Carolina provided extensive technical and logistical support and feedback throughout the process.

The assessment materials were field tested in Ireland and Zimbabwe. In Ireland, support was provided by the Irish Network of Health Promoting Hospitals as the coordinating body for BFHI in Ireland, members of the National BFHI Advisory Committee and the assessment team, and staff of University College Hospital, Galway, which served as the field test site. In Zimbabwe, support was provided by the UNICEF and WHO Country Offices, the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare, the assessment team, and staff of Rusape General Hospital, which served as the field-test site.

These multi-country and multi-organizational contributions were invaluable in helping to fashion a set of tools and guidelines designed to address the current needs of countries and their mothers and babies, facing a wide range of challenges in many differing situations.



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