Table A-2KQ 2: Effectiveness and safety of exercise, medications, endovascular intervention, and surgical revascularization (intermittent claudication)

Set #Terms
#1“intermittent claudication”[MeSH Terms] OR claudication[tiab]
#2(“angioplasty”[MeSH Terms] OR “angioplasty”[tiab] OR (“percutaneous”[tiab] AND “transluminal”[tiab] AND “angioplasty”[tiab]) OR “percutaneous transluminal angioplasty”[tiab]) OR PTA[tiab] OR (“stents”[MeSH Terms] OR “stents”[tiab] OR “stent”[tiab]) OR (percutaneous[tiab] AND revascularization[tiab]) OR (“endovascular procedures”[MeSH Terms] OR (“endovascular”[tiab] AND “procedures”[tiab]) OR “endovascular procedures”[tiab]) OR endovascular[tiab] OR (“exercise therapy”[MeSH Terms] OR (“exercise”[tiab] AND “therapy”[tiab]) OR “exercise therapy”[tiab]) OR ((“exercise”[MeSH Terms] OR “exercise”[tiab]) AND (program[tiab] OR class[tiab] OR training[tiab] OR prescribed[tiab] OR structure[tiab] OR structured[tiab] OR supervised[tiab])) OR (“aspirin”[MeSH Terms] OR “aspirin”[tiab]) OR (“clopidogrel”[Supplementary Concept] OR “clopidogrel”[tiab]) OR (“cilostazol”[Supplementary Concept] OR “cilostazol”[tiab]) OR (“pentoxifylline”[MeSH Terms] OR “pentoxifylline”[tiab])
#3“Femoral Artery/surgery”[Mesh] OR “Popliteal Artery/surgery”[Mesh] OR “tibial arteries/surgery”[Mesh Terms] OR “arteries/surgery”[Mesh Terms] OR “transplants”[MeSH Terms] OR transplants[tiab] OR graft[tiab] OR grafts[tiab] OR grafting[tiab] OR bypass[tiab] OR conduit[tiab] OR femoropopliteal[tiab] OR femorotibial[tiab] OR aortobifemoral[tiab] OR ballon[tiab] OR “atherectomy”[MeSH Terms] OR atherectomy[tiab]
#4“evaluation studies”[Publication Type] OR “evaluation studies as topic”[MeSH Terms] OR “evaluation study”[tw] OR evaluation studies[tw] OR “intervention studies”[MeSH Terms] OR “intervention study”[tw] OR “intervention studies”[tw] OR “case-control studies”[MeSH Terms] OR “case-control”[tw] OR “cohort studies”[MeSH Terms] OR cohort[tw] OR “longitudinal studies”[MeSH Terms] OR “longitudinal”[tw] OR longitudinally[tw] OR “prospective”[tw] OR prospectively[tw] OR “retrospective studies”[MeSH Terms] OR “retrospective”[tw] OR “follow up”[tw] OR “comparative study”[Publication Type] OR “comparative study”[tw] OR systematic[subset] OR “meta-analysis”[Publication Type] OR “meta-analysis as topic”[MeSH Terms] OR “meta-analysis”[tw] OR “meta-analyses”[tw] OR randomized controlled trial[pt] OR controlled clinical trial[pt] OR randomized[tiab] OR randomised[tiab] OR randomization[tiab] OR randomisation[tiab] OR placebo[tiab] OR “drug therapy”[Subheading] OR randomly[tiab] OR trial[tiab] OR groups[tiab] OR Clinical trial[pt] OR “clinical trial”[tw] OR “clinical trials”[tw] NOT (Editorial[ptyp] OR Letter[ptyp] OR Case Reports[ptyp] OR Comment[ptyp])NOT (Editorial[ptyp] OR Letter[ptyp] OR Case Reports[ptyp] OR Comment[ptyp])
#5#1 AND (#2 OR #3) AND #4 NOT (animals[mh] NOT humans[mh])
#6#5 AND Limits: English, Publication Date from 1995 to 2011

From: Appendix A, Exact Search Strings

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