Target NameIC50 [SID, AID]Anti-TargetIC50 [SID, AID]Fold SelectiveAdditional Assay(s) Name:
CID 49800087
ML322; SR-03000001966

SID 103771539 (synth) Probe;

SID 125311267 (re-synth)
HCV Core InfectivityTCID50 = 2 nM
[SID 103771539, AID 651575]
Liver Cell CytotoxicityCC50 =33.79 μM
[SID 103771539, AID 651583]
>16,000-foldT1/T2 QPCR IC50 =1.8 μM
[SID 103771539, AID 651574]

IC50 = 8.4 μM
[SID 103771539, AID 651577]

Ricerca Selectivity Profiling [SID 103771539, AID 624406]
Inactive at 63 Receptors, Transporters, and Channels.
Active at 4: Muscarinic M3, Adrenergic a1D & a1B, and Dopamine Transporter (DAT).

Fold-selectivity was calculated as IC50 for anti-target/IC50 for the target, both cell-based assays

From: ML322, A Small Molecule Inhibitor of Dimerization of the Core Protein of Hepatitis C Virus (HCV)

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