Table 2Probe Properties

Compound InformationSolubility in PBSSolubility in Media + FBSChemical Stability 6Hr in 50 μM GSHStability in PBS
CompoundSR NumberCIDSID(μM)(μM)Stable-Yes/Not1/2 (hr)
Probe ML322SR-0300000196649800087103771539≥100≥100Yes> 48 hr
Analog 1SR-030000015392242290896022352100≥100Yes> 48 hr
Analog 2SR-01000668805955039510377153863.681.4Yes> 48 hr
Analog 3SR-030000020104984998012531126864.179.9Yes> 48 hr
Analog 4SR-030000020154984998610417972863.768.4Yes> 48 hr
Analog 5SR-030000020374985262812531126918.254.3Yes> 48 hr
Probe ML322 Stability in PBS Buffer (pH 7.4)
Sample concentration: 10 μM
Storage condition: Ambient Temperature
Time (hr)% remainingln(%remaining)
half-life−ln2/slope> 48 hr
slope = 0.0001
Image ml322fu2

From: ML322, A Small Molecule Inhibitor of Dimerization of the Core Protein of Hepatitis C Virus (HCV)

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