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Skin colored pearly white papules with a central umblication.

It is most commonly seen on the face and trunk in children.
Molluscum contagiosumcan be treated by various modalities:

Leave them alone unless superinfected

Use of phenol:

pricking each lesion with a needle or sharpened orange stick and dabbing the lesion with phenol Electrodesiccaton
Liquid nitrogen application (using orange stick)

Incidence is higher

Giant molluscum (>1cm in size), or coalescent double or triple lesions may be seen

More than 100 lesions may be seen.

Lesions often chronic and difficult to eradicate

Extensive molluscum contagiosum is a Clinical stage 2 defining disease
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The common wart appears as papules or nodules with a rough (verrucous) surface.WartsTreatment:

Topical salicylic acid preparations ( eg. Duofilm).

Liquid nitrogen cryotherapy.

Lesions more numerous and recalcitrant to therapy.

Extensive viral warts is a Clinical stage 2 defining disease
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Greasy scales and redness on central face, body foldsSebbhorreaKetoconazole shampoo

If severe, refer or provide tropical steroids.

For seborrheic dermatitis: 1% hyrdocortison cream X2 daily. If severe, refer.
Seborrheic dermatitis may be severe in HIV infection. Secondary infection may be common

From: ANNEX A, Skin and Mouth Conditions

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Integrated Management of Childhood Illness for High HIV Settings.
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